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L-E-V Company 

6.10.2019, “Boris Hristov” House of Culture – Plovdiv



„CHAPTER 3” continues the theme of love following the company’s two previous productions – “OCD Love” and “Love Chapter 2”. The performance focuses on the process of repair and coming to new arrangements.


Since 2006, the collaborators Sharon Eyal | Gai Behar have been a significant voice in the artistic community, creating a continuous stream of critically acclaimed original works for dance companies around the world. With Batsheva, Sharon Eyal worked with the notorious choreographer Ohad Naharin who created the original “Gaga” technique. She added to this famous dance language and continued to grow in her own, unique way.



Trailer: OCD LOVE


The company

L-E-V could be equally at home at a techno club or at an opera house. L-E-V is the confluence of movement, music, lighting, fashion, art and technology. Each uniquely expressive while emotionally entwined.