Main events in the programme

The jubilee edition of ONE DANCE WEEK starts on 23rd of September at 19:30 in Boris Hristov House of Culture in Plovdiv with the original show DUET OF HUMAN AND ROBOT from Taiwan. Leading characters in the show are the choregrapher Huang Yi and the German industrial robot KUKA – one of the most advanced, precise and recognisable achievements of the industry. Together they create an astonishing demonstration of the future; or rather, of our day, where people and smart machines already coexist. The dance is not a mere reflection of the beauty in both mechanics and body movements. The dance is an interpretation of the hidden emotions of out time. A performance that calls for thought.

KUKA, which has a total stage weight of 795 kg and 1-minute of its choreography takes about 10 hours in manual setting, has numerous uses in the industry epecially in the automotive and electronics. The show will be presented in Plovdiv with the support of Ministry of Culture Republic of China (Taiwan).

The next shows in the programme are part of the CHECK THE CZECHS module curated by Yvona Kreuzmannová – the engine behind almost all performance phenomena in the Czech Republic. The module will present a total of 3 shows – GUIDE on 24th of September at 19:30, THE NARRATOR on 8th of October at 16:30 and ONE STEP BEFORE THE FALL on 8th of October at 20:00. The unique Muhammad Ali is coming to life in Plovdiv in the champion’s shows ONE STEP BEFORE THE FALL by Spitfire Company where the dance art is using heavyweight punches to wake up the fighter in each of us. The story of perhaps the most famous boxer in history, Muhammad Ali – from the rise in the ring to the burning out of a legend struck by Parkinson’s disease – is actually the story of anyone who has ever suffered the blows of life. In GUIDE two dancers play one and the same character, at different times of his life. This audiovisual show is an illumined panorama of life, where before and now merge, in order to summon the other “I”. In THE NARRATOR goes into the darkest layers of the intimate female world. The artist is inspired by Attik Rahimi’s novel “The Stone of Patience”. The book’s protagonist is an Afghan woman who dares to talk to her husband, who is in a coma, about violence, sexual assault and oppression. The shows will be presented in Plovdiv with the support of Czech Center in Sofia, Embassy of the Czech Republic in Sofia, Ministry of Cuture Czech Republic.

The Bulgarian track in the jubilee edition of ONE DANCE WEEK is Ivo Dimchev’s  newest show SCULPTURES, which will be performed in Plovdiv on September 30 at 19:30. Just a few weeks ago, the spectacle debuted at the Volkstheater in Vienna and provoked a wide response in the artistic circles and the audience. The name of the musical group performance, which will be presented for the first time in Bulgaria and namely in Plovdiv, is also the name of the new album of the choreographer, artist, vocalist, songwriter, performer and provocateur Ivo Dimchev. The songs from the album are the backbone of this unique spectacle, standing on the border between a pop concert and a contemporary dance performance.

The CHROMA performance of the co-founder of the world-famous Japanese artistic team Dumb Type, Shiro Takatani, is undoubtedly one of the diamonds of the festival this autumn. Dance lovers will be able to immerse themselves in an image and sound experiment on two consecutive days, October 6 and 7, at 19:30 at Boris Hristov House of Culture in the City under the hills. CHROMA is a dance of light and shadows in which visual effects and large-scale graphics follow every step of the performers on stage as if to overcome and absorb them. Choreographer Shiro Takatani overcomes the laws of physics and modern optical technology to make the audience look for meaning in the hundreds of images they see on the screen every day. That’s how we are, in fact, constantly seeing and creating the world around us. CHROMA will be presented with the support of EU JAPAN FEST in partnership with Plovdiv 2019 Foundation, Japanese Embassy in Sofia, Friends of Japan Club in Bulgaria, Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan for 2017 fiscal year and Japan Foundation.

Another special event part of the jubilee edition of ONE DANCE WEEK is the show by Peeping Tom from Belgium that carries the name MOTHER and will the presented on 14th of October at 19:30. The performance shows the various conditions and stages in the life of the mother. From the body in a coffin, to a frightened little girl, to a 40-year-old woman locked in her own cage, the play goes beyond what we think we know about the mother. Beyond the obvious into her complex inner world, where fear, madness, and dreams rule.

The revolutionary-musical show KALAKUTA REPUBLIC will close the 10th anniversary edition of ONE DANCE WEEK on 15th of October at 19:30. Inspired and filled with the sound from the compositions of the legendary Fela Kuti, the father of afro-beat and an unbending rebel against the junta in Nigeria, this unusual dance performance tells about resistance to the great politics, about revolutions and those who stand under their flags. Kuti himself is considered a prototype of African opposition, because the sharp satire against the regime, repression and colonialism in his albums “cost” him over 200 arrests. And much more – an army pogrom over the Kalakuta Republic – Kuti’s personal estate, which he proclaimed an independent state in 1977.

The programme of ONE DANCE WEEK will also present the Evening of the Young Choreographers from Japan and Korea with three consecutive performances on October 1 at 19:30. MATOU, TRY and BETWEEN will be presented in Plovdiv with the support of the Seoul International Choreography Festival.

The festival ticket can be bought at the price of 55 BGN and the individual tickets for all the shows can also be found at the price of 10, 15 or 20 BGN. All of them are available at the cash desks of Easypay, via the system, at the festival office in Kapana (10 Hristo Dyukmendzhiev St) or at the special ticket office at Stefan Stambolov Sq, supported by Visa, in Plovdiv.

Buy with your Visa card at and get a gift from Visa – a festival bag.

Students and pensioners can buydiscount tickets at the price of 5 BGN at the box office in Boris Hristov House of Culture 30 minutes before each show if free seats are still available.

ONE DANCE WEEK is organized by ONE Foundation for Culture and Arts in partnership with the America for Bulgaria Foundation. THE PROJECT IS PART OF THE PROGRAM OF PLOVDIV – EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE 2019.

The festival is organised with the general support of Visa  a global payments technology company that connects consumers, businesses, financial institutions and governments in more than 200 countries and territories, enabling them to use electronic payments instead of cash and checks, and of Programista; – one of the fastest-growing IT companies in Bulgaria which was recognised as Software Company of the Year 2017 by BASSCOM and BOA.

The festival is organised with the main support of TELUS International Europe – the biggest employer in the BPO sector in Bulgaria and Putishta Plovdiv.

The festival’s team would like to thank the Ministry of Culture of Taiwanthe Ministry of Culture of the Republic of BulgariaCzech Center SofiaEU JAPAN FEST committeethe Embassy of Japan in Sofia“Japan friends in Bulgaria” Club and the Embassy of Czech Republic in Sofia.