Presentation of issue 1 of Magazine for Dance at ONE DANCE WEEK Festival 

21st of September, 06:00 PM, Vintage House 

This year the only one of its kind Magazine for dance appeared in Bulgaria. In 120 pages the magazine presents processes, personalities, events and ideas from the world of classical to contemporary dance and dance culture in Bulgarian and international contexts. It features interviews with dance artists and managers, reviews of dance productions and forthcoming events. The magazine looks back at the history of dance in Bulgaria and for the first time it publishes in Bulgarian significant theoretical texts. 

Successful examples of specialized magazines, dedicated entirely to dance, exist in many countries around the globe. The German tanz magazine is one of the most emblematic ones and Arnd Wesemann, one of its editors, is also among the authors featured in the first issue of the Bulgarian magazine. 

In Bulgaria a dance magazine existed for a short while in the 1920s, then reappeared briefly in the 1990s. However, this kind of media was completely absent until recently. That was the reason why Antistatic International Festival For Contemporary Dance and Performance’s co-founders – Iva Sveshtarova, Stephan A. Shtereff and Willy Prager, together with the performing arts researcher Angelina Georgieva (editor-in-chief) decided to join efforts to create an attractive contemporary magazine, targeting a wide range of readers so as to introduce them to the rich world of dance and its many events. 

On September 21st at 06:00 PM Angelina Georgieva and Willy Prager will present Magazine for dance at ONE DANCE WEEK Festival where they will share more about this endeavor and the main theme of issue 1 – “Beauty in Dance”.

Magazine for dance is initiated by Antistatic Festival in the frame of Life Long Burning project supported by Creative Europe Programme of the EU. It is carried out by Brain Store Project and Nomad Dance Academy – Bulgaria with the financial support of Culture Programme of Sofia Municipality, National Culture Fund and with the sponsorship of Grishko.