Body landscapes

SOMA by Martin Talaga

Czech choreographer Matrin Talaga will present SOMA on the 4th of October at the Boris Hristov House of Culture in Plovdiv. In this performance the main protagonist is the human body in all of its beauty and ugliness, possibilities and limitations. What the human body is capable of expressing and what are its limitations?

Martin Talaga is a Prague-based artist, working as a dancer, choreographer and performance artist mainly in the field of physical theatre and contemporary dance. During the years has had a chance to cooperate with various Czech choreographers, theater directors and companies, such as LATERNA MAGIKA – National Theatre, VerTeDance, Spitfire Company, Radim Vizváry, Věra Ondrašíková as well as with Csaba Molnár (HU) , Matthew Rogers (US) and others.

As a choreographer he has already produced several successful productions – Thirsts, FAUNUS and SOMA – this choreography won two national dance awards, including the Czech Dance Platform Awards. Besides contemporary dance he is also interested in experimental and visual work and traditional folklore dances.

SOMA is now becoming a part of ONE DANCE WEEK’S 2019 edition. Talaga aims at revealing how to body is merely a pack of what’s inside of us – a cover that might be beautiful but not enough. We have become colder, we care less and without realizing it, we have turned to be more robot-like than ever before. We are slowly but surely losing what makes us human.

“Once again, he (Martin Talaga) tries not to please, or in any way formally or purposefully, gratify the audience. Because of this his work feels sincere and pure… Refreshing , simple movement vocabulary, functional lighting, the space, the props, and the concept of the entire choreography – raw and new. All this leads us to an unexpected destination: “a movement installation” – Jan Kodet

Tickets are available to purchase online via EpayGo and at the EasyPay cash desks. Follow the event on Facebook here.

Martin Talaga is presented in Bulgaria with the support of the Czech Center in Sofia.