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FOCUS LITHUANIA will present 3 impressive performances. All recognized with prestigious Lithuanian awards as part of the eleventh edition of the ONE DANCE WEEK festival.

FOCUS LITHUANIA, a module of the ONE DANCE WEEK festival, consists of 3 contemporary dance pieces from Lithuania. The program is curated by Gintarė Masteikaitė from Lietuvos šokio informacijos centras. The shows are GODOS by Šokio Teatras Aura (October 12), GAME OVER by Low Air Urban Dance Theatre (October 13), and CONTEMPORARY? by Menų spaustuvė/ Arts Printing House (October 14).


GODOS is a Lithuanian phenomenon and a word that is long gone from the daily Lithuanian language. It is related to the female narrative and is usually defined as “wistful dreams, feelings, hopes, nostalgic thoughts and unfulfilled expectations”.

In the eponymous performance, popular myths and legends from the Baltic country are recreated. It is divided into two parts, with equal participation by AURA Dance Theater and the Norwegian Panta Rei Dance Theatre. Panta Rei takes its inspiration from the interpretation of Godos as the song of the heart. What is hiding in the fur of a bewitched werewolf? What spells do contemporary hags use? Who brings luck if we don’t believe in brownies anymore?

GODOS is a mix of past, present, and future. A world where female sensitivity, mythological creatures, and visions from the future come together. Birutė Letukaitė, one of the choreographers of GODOS, has received numerous awards. Among which Golden Stage Cross award for best choreography and The Government Arts and Culture Prize for contribution to Lithuanian culture and art. Тickets for GODOS are available starting at 10 BGN at EasyPay and online at


On Saturday, October 13, the closing weekend of ONE DANCE WEEK 2018 enters the magic realism world of computer games with GAME OVER. The characters of GAME OVER jump from one “game” level to another. Thus provoking the viewer’s imagination through dance, visual effects, live music. The Lithuanian collective behind the performance, LOW AIR, is a city dance theater company which presents the young artistic generation of the country. GAME OVER brought to LOW AIR a Golden Stage Cross award for Best Dance Piece of the Year for 2016 and Best Choreographic Work Award from the Lithuanian contemporary dance association. Tickets for GAME OVER are available at 10 BGN at EasyPay and online at The tickets for this performance are limited and seating is not assigned.


The final performance will be presented by three Lithuanian performers, who ironize the dance making process and the dance scene in the country. On October 14 we ask “What is contemporary art?” with CONTEMPORARY?. What does a contemporary dance piece consist of? What does it talk about? Which objects are necessary and which are optional? Does the audience understand what it is all about? Do we need to explain the meaning of the piece to them? The best answer comes from the artists themselves. The piece won the Golden Stage Cross as Performing Arts Phenomenon of the year for 2013. Tickets for CONTEMPORARY? are available at 10 BGN at EasyPay and online at The tickets for this performance are limited and seating is not assigned.

ONE DANCE WEEK is produced by ONE Foundation for Culture and Arts and is part of the program of Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture 2019. The project is financed by the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture. FOCUS LITHUANIA was made possible with the support of Lietuvos kultūros taryba и Lietuvos šokio informacijos centras.

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