SECOND NATURE by Agata Siniarska - Karolina Grzywnowicz

On October 18 in SKLAD two workshops will be held with polish the young artists Agata Siniarska and Aurora Lubos

Workshop with Agata Siniarka

During the proposed workshop, we are going to work with energy, presence, the awakening of the body in relation to the world. We are going to witness our sensory realms expand and deepen, gain new abilities to perceive, feel and enrich consciously our experiences, expand into varied dynamic states of presences. We will investigate all this through movement, watching, listening and feeling, somatic practice, basis of craniosacral practice and breathing techniques.

This practice is open to everybody, no body practice is needed. PLEASE bring comfortable clothes.

Agata Siniarska describes herself as a ‘fictional character with many talents and criminal past’. In her choreographies, she concentrates on bodily movement as well as the thought behind it; her projects encompass both idea and motion. Siniarska consistently balances between reality and fiction. Siniarska’s projects can be labelled as feminist and emancipatory. She is part of Female Trouble, the collective work ‘revolves around topics such as identity, bodily autonomy, feminism, pleasure, affirmations, and love’.

When? 18.10. / 18:30 – 20:30

Where? SKLAD

If you’d like to join, write to


In Plovdiv Agata presents SECOND NATURE.  In this piece Polish choreographers Agata Siniarska and Karolina Grzywnowicz study nature, its healing powers, its symbols and dangers in order to present a radical contemporary read on the Holocaust trauma that followed legendary dancer Pola Nireńska throughout her life.

Workshop with Aurora Lubos

I believe that art can make a change, that it can make people stop and think. That not the aesthetic value is the driving force for performing but the content.

In my own practice as well as in workshop I put attention on providing a structure , a frame to play with ideas. I will set space with games and tasks stimulating towards in depth approach to the devising process. Together we will try to find a movement, sound, text or dramatic respond to emerging subjects.

The workshop invites everyone to participate in an experiment that is open for creativity as well as for failure.

Aurora Lubos is an independent dancer associated with the Polish and British contemporary dance scene. She has created several outspoken solo pieces, covering such topics as domestic violence, among others.

When? 18.10. / 16:30 – 18:30

Where? SKLAD

If you’d like to join, write to

As part of the ONE DANCE WEEK festival, Aurora presents WELCOME. In this solo piece she reaches out to the Western world for compassion, although many have already turned her down. In Poland, her home country, among others, the refugee crisis has caused anger and slammed doors. What would a contented European feel towards the outsiders, those strangers fighting for survival? Are they truly welcome?


FOCUS POLAND happens in Plovdiv by the support of Institute of Music and Dance, Hellerau European Centre for the Arts, East European Performing Arts Platform, Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk and Lublin Dance Theatre.