Free steps from Taiwan

FreeSteps -NiNi by Horse

The performance FreeSteps – Body Scenes and the solo with free entrance FreeSteps – NiNi by HORSE dance company will be shown on the 3rd and the 4th of October at the Main hall and in the foyer of the Boris Hristov House of Culture – Plovdiv. Both performances are included in Focus Taiwan and are part of ONE DANCE WEEK’s 2019 programme.

Founded in December 2004, HORSE has established a distinctive profile with delicate physical movements and unrestricted creativities. With time the collective has managed to establish a distinctive profile with delicate physical movements and unrestricted creativities. The company is now a platform for artistic collaboration between choreographers from Taiwan and foreign dance artists.

The company’s productions have been presented in Centre de Développement Chorégraphique – Les Hivernales (Avignon), Joyce Theatre (New York), Esplanade Theatre (Singapore), The International Contemporary Dance Festival (Mexico) and others.

FreeSteps – Body Scenes

October 3rd – Boris Hristov House of Culture – Plovdiv

FreeSteps is a ten-years-project initiated by SU Wei-Chia since 2013. The project is aiming to explore the most primitive status of dance and to re-explore the possibilities of dancing. The choreography of Wei-Chia, co-founder of the company, is to peel off various layers of body characteristics and textures within set limitations – very often not repeating previous FreeSteps.


For viewers above the age of 18. Tickets are available to purchase at ЕasyPay and online via EpayGo.

FreeSteps – NiNi

October 4th – Boris Hristov House of Culture, foyer

FreeSteps – NiNi was created on the sixth year of existence of HORSE’s FreeSteps project= A solo dance for unconventional spaces, FreeSteps–NiNi refers to neither goals, concepts and allusions, nor detailed arrangement. The performer gets dance free of fixed imagination, expectations and assumptions.

@Chang-Chih Chen

By researching different aspects of time and space, choreographer Su Wei – Chia creates different concepts of physicality.

In FreeSteps-NiNi a woman is performing a dance free of fixed imagination, expectations and assumptions while elements around, including landscape and spectators, become materials for the creation.

Free entrance.

HORSE is presented in Bulgaria with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan.