In search for Syria

Under A Low Sky by Wael Ali

The performance UNDER A LOW SKY by Syrian artist and director Wael will be presented for the first time in Bulgaria on September 27ht in the Black Box of the Drama Theater – Plovdiv. A journey into the past and the present through personal memories and documentary sources, UNDER A LOW SKY, mixes theater, dance, and video to revive the memory of Syria we used to know.

Onstage we will see the forty-year-old Jamal, Syrian documentarist – while living in France for a decade, he is observing the places from his memory being abandoned or destroyed, and his friends being spread all over the world. Exploring his memories and together with Wael Ali, they travel in time way back to the colonial archive and when the Syrian state was born.

Two performers – Sharif Andoura and Nanda Mohammad- engage in a captivating duet on the stage while the video wall behind them raises a series of questions. How to see the present if the past is lost? How to cope with today if yesterday is gone? How to do theatre in a period of war when we are out of the country? What is the context of the theatre we create, and who do we create for?


Wael Ali is among the leading Syrian writers, playwrights and directors. Based in Lyon, he is interested in topics that do not entertain but cause reflection. His works have been presented in Paris, Berlin, Antwerp, Beirut, Tunisia, Cairo and other cities.

Tickets are available to purchase online via  EpayGo and at the EasyPay cash desks. For more information follow the event on Facebook here.

ONE DANCE WEEK, which will take place between September 20th and October 19th in Plovdiv, is an assiciated partner of the projects.

Young Arab Choreographers under the sporlight

Performances beyond two shores  is a project supported by the European Commission within the framework of the Creative Europe Programme. The project aims to develop the production, circulation and professionalisation of young Arab artists recently arrived in Europe and encourage a dynamic and diverse creation targeting all types of audience, following the project Performance(s) between two shores: Arab artists in Europe successfully implemented between June 2016 and December 2017.

 The project has three axes:

  • production of a new theatre performance by Syrian Director Wael Ali  which will tour all project partners in Europe (Naples, London, Weimar, Athens, Plovdiv, Amsterdam, Brussels, Marseille)
  • a series of gatherings for young Arab related performance artists living in Europe to exchange ideas on artistic practice and working as a cultural professional in Europe
  • staff exchanges between partners to share experience and build mutual professional capacities

Lead organisation: Les Bancs Publics, France


Dancing On The Edge, Netherlands
Kunst Fest Weimar, Germany
Napoli Teatro Festival, Italy
Shubbak Festival, England
BOZAR Center for Fine Arts, Belgium

Associated partners:
One Dance Week Festival, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
LOOP organisation, Athens, Greece
Studio Emad Eddin Foundation, Cairo, Egypt