Archived: Professional Accreditation

The accreditation gives access to artists and cultural managers to at most 8 performances from the programme of ONE DANCE WEEK 2019.  

** Seat reservation explained **

The Pass price is BGN 40. To reserve a seat, check out the full festival program and select at most 8 shows to catch in September & October in Plovdiv. 

** Step-by-step **

  • Select the performances you would like to watch (at most 8). For those to be held on 2 dates, please select ONE date only (unless you wish to watch the same performance twice).
  • Fill in the contact form for feedback including valid email & phone number.
  • Introduce yourself, your field of work, past experience, etc.
  • By September 15 you’ll receive a confirmation and payment information via email.

This year’s festival runs from September 20th through October 19th and brings 17 dance companies presenting 22 performances.