Accents - Festival Quartiers Danses

As part of our partnership with Festival Quartiers Danses, we are presenting some of the accents in the program of its special, 18th edition.
  1. A retrospective exhibition of the Festival Quartiers Danses through the lens of its two official photographers: Jackie Hopfinger (London) and Romain Lorraine (Montreal). The exhibition is displayed on the picture rails of Place du Marché Atwater in the South-West district until April 2021.

    Jackis Hopfinger

    Jackie Hopfinger, official FQD photographer since 2012 and based in the UK, documents the passage of time. Like living paintings, this experienced artist captures the emotion of moving bodies during FQD performances.

    Romain Lorraine

    Romain Lorraine, self-taught photographer based in Montreal, is constantly on the lookout for new techniques to capture the essence of body and face expression. He has been developing this work within the FQD as an official photographer since 2017.


Romain Lorraine, Festival Quartiers Danses, with Charles-Alexis Desgagnés 

The exhibition is available here.

  1. SHORTFILM: Engrenage³

Choreographer: Véronique Giasson

Director: Étienne Cantin

Engrenage³ is a project combining video and dance, created in collaboration between director Etienne Quentin and composer LACRYMOBOY. This choreographic work, built in a unique context, reflects this new rhythm of life that has been imposed on the team in recent months. Caught in a clock-regulated dance, the three performers move into a world where human contact is forgotten.

Watch the video here.

  1. SHORTFILM: Merging Bodies

Merging Bodies is a short dance film in which distance and closeness combine to create a new paradigm.

Living in the present world, where our orientation and our relationship with each other are reversed, two performers strive to connect despite the invisible barriers between them. Through a fluid, disjointed and spasmodic body language, this duo merges into one, despite the space that separates it.

Watch the video here.

  1.  Cinema programming:

Once again this year, the Festival Quartiers Danses (FQD) presents in collaboration with The International Festival Of Films On Art (FIFA) a selection of short dance films by co-curators Marlene Millar and Rafik Hubert Sabbagh: a program of 10 powerful films at the intersection of dance and cinema from Quebec, Finland, France, Italy and Poland – available for a limited time on September 19 at 2 p.m.

Watch here.

Here are some of the films that will be available online:

Time Subjectives in Objective Time by Kati Kallio

The film Time Subjective in Objective Time is part of Kallio’s Searching for Flow film series. It is a collaboration with the dance group Zonk’a and partly commissioned by 2017 Ural Industrial Contemporary Art Biennale (Russia). In the film, three dancers guide viewers through an old factory where the former and the current time have solidified. In this meditative journey, the main character of the film is the factory as dancers are in supportive roles. During the filming, the factory was under renovation to become the new venue of Biennale.

Kati Kallio is Finnish filmmaker, curator, dancer and choreographer. She has MA degree in Dance from UniArts Helsinki  – Theatre Academy. Her artistic works has been focused in dance films since 2008 and her films have been screened and broadcasted widely around the globe. She is one of the pioneers of dance films in Finland and was artistic director of Loikka Dance Film Festival in years 2015-2018.

Walls of Limerick by Arturo Bandinelli (Festival International du Film sur l’Art)

Walls of Limerick by Arturo Bandinelli
(Festival International du Film sur l’Art)

This film is a statement on the psychological effects that harsh political borders have on people. It offers the viewer a window into the dancers’ internal worlds, where they go to escape from their bleak, oppressive reality. Gravity’s pull is constantly changing planes in this world and they have the freedom to articulate their feelings through movement. Both together and alone, they are able to express themselves and a bond is formed. As the distress and anxiety builds from external forces, their only way out is up the wall that both divides and supports them. With an army at their back and freedom in their hearts, the dancers struggle and fight to overcome the barriers in their way.

Originally from Italy, Arturo Bandinelli is a freelance filmmaker working in London where he studied at London College of Communication, graduating in 2013 with a first class honours degree. He is constantly looking for new challenges, aiming at the creation of unique and valuable content for a range of different video formats. From adverts to drama, live events to corporate videography, his goal is to communicate the key message clearly, with sharp concepts and an engaging visual style.

Toporzel by Iwona Pasińska (Short Waves Festival)

Beautiful mountain landscapes, from which the figures of dancers grow, rocks, bushes, the severity of nature and its strength, everything intertwines with each other, thus emphasizing the strong bonds between nature and man.

The project was inspired by sculptures by Stanisław Szukalski. In the works of this artist, who causes strong emotions, the motif of the human body appears; one can see muscle tension, movement, gesture and expression. The sculpture is made of earth, of nature, of which man is a part – this was the interpretive code of the project. The Toporzeł project could not have been created anywhere else than in the Izerskie Mountains in the «Stanisław» quartz mine in Szklarska Poręba. The Karkonosze and Izerskie Mountains hide secrets, they are a place where magic mixes with reality, where the history of the legendary Mountain Spirit is still alive.

Iwona Pasińska is a choreographer, movement dramatist, theatre theorist, artistic director of Movements Factory and founder of the Movements Factory Foundation. In 1997 Pasińska became the principal dancer of the Polish Dance Theatre. Since 2010 she has been collaborating as choreographer or movement dramaturge with dramatic theatres, operas and alternative theatres. She graduated from theatre theory at the Adam Mickiewicz University, where she also did her PhD. In 2016 she has become the Director of the Polish Dance Theatre.

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