As part of the ONE FOR ALL interview series, we got to talk with Greek choreographer Christos Papadopoulos to discover more about his work, creative process, inspirations and newest piece LARSEN C.

LARSEN C is part of Christos Papadopoulos’ long excavation, within the stage, for qualities that easily pass unnoticed. The initial metaphor is an iceberg melting within itself, disappearing in its movement, endlessly. It is about a form dissolving or rather a body embrassing the movements that are sinking within. That is the desire that drives “Larsen C” the dance piece; to achieve a profound and natural quality of movement and reach that point where movement is simultaneously lost and found, dissolving and emerging, meaningless and meaningful. Papadopoulos’ aim is to bring forward a state of internalised movement, close to everyday experience. That is why in one way or another his works resonates this meditative quality of our everyday routines, when the intention is more profound yet unnoticed or distant. This quality is understood more like an ubiquitus vibration or a cosmic flow and less like a choreographic decision. That’s why it is constructed as a multilayered experience, outlining an inescapable state, enchanting, puzzling or even disturbing by its fatality.

LARSEN C by Pinelopi Gerasimou

LARSEN C is part of the programme of ONE DANCE WEEK 2021.

LARSEN C and FUCUS GREECE are presented with the support of ONASSIS STEGI, Athens. 

ONE FOR ALL is realised with the support of the National Culture Fund. 

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