ONE Gallery presents:

UNDER THE VEIL OF CONSCIOUSNESS – Solo exhibition-performance by Biliana Voutchkova

/17.03 – 21.03.2021/
Vernissage / 17.03.2021 / Wednesday / 17:00 – 21:00
Under the Veil of Consciousness is a solo exhibition-performance by Biliana Voutchkova, created as a site-specific presentation for ONE Gallery / Sofia.
The exhibition includes partially composed, partially improvised music, performed live in symbiosis with various other means of expression – objects, video / audio installations and collages – used as “scores” for the overall composition. The main focus of the exhibition is the interactive connection between Biliana and the spectators, with her hands as a connecting link. She not only involves those present in the creation of the living score, but also uses the hands as means of further exploring one’s own self. The theme of memory and recollection unites the installations, all of which have personal significance for the author. The simplicity of the materials (stone, glass, metal, fabric) and their messages provoke a deeper reading of the way we perceive art.
“My intention is to create a space in which we forget our hurried thoughts and enter a different sensory state of acceptability – this is the heart of the exhibition.” Biliana Voutchkova
About the artist:

Biliana Voutchkova is a dynamic and thoroughly engaged interdisciplinary artist with truly personal, unconventional artistic language. Through the prism of listening, her early training in classical music and the 25 years of development as contemporary artist-performer, she explores states of spontaneity and intuitive resonance embodied in her multifaceted activities. Her work spans the widest possible range of sound, vision, movement and includes long durational and multidisciplinary formats, concerts, performances, compositions and installations with focus on the sound space.
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