In the last part of the dance video collection OUTDOOR DANCES we introduce you to the French choreographer Kitsou Dubois and the Swiss multidisciplinary artist Foofwa d’Immobilité.

The presentation of the video collection is part of our partnership with Maison de la Danse and the platform, to which we will have access in the next few months.

Trajectoire fluide – Kitsou Dubois

Dance and the arts, arts and science, dance and the circus, Kitsou Dubois‘ career and creations are multi-discipline yet she only has one quest: gravity. For many years now, she experiments micro-gravity and weightlessness during parabolic flights with her team of dancers and circus artists. She plunges performers into spheres where gravity is altered.

In Trajectoire fluide (Fluid Trajectory), she combines the projection of videos where the dancers move under water, a trampoline, elastics, chairs, where circus dancers overcome the laws of weightlessness and balance… for the duration of a dance.

Fluid Trajectory questions the form of stage art and adapts to different venues: conventional theatre stages and other places with volumes already in place. The stage is designed as a space for motion where the performers’ bodies are faced with differing densities. The function of the stage setting is to alter the spectator’s perception. It uses images, trampolines, objects, music and performers.

The great image is definitely present: the trampoline blends into the image projected onto the background cyclorama, other screens and materials make the image move. Objects and mobiles create spaces that are random, but consistent. Who or what is holding whom or what? The object, the environment or the bodies? Red elastic ropes criss-cross through space and — while supporting the dancers — penetrate the image and create lines of tension, symbolic links between the inner space of the dancers’ bodies and the space surrounding them.

Watch the video here. run.4 – Foofwa d’Immobilité

Dancewalk © Simon Letellier

Born Frédéric Gafner, he defines himself as “dancer, choreographer and dance researcher in practice and theory”. He also has been an across-the-board performer.

We could add that he is a crazy inventor, staunch advocate of dance and its history, scenic and multimedia dabbler. In Kilometrix.dancerun.4, he has created the concept of danced runs or racing dances which he has performed in the towns that he has travelled through: Paris, Lyon, Zurich, Cairo, Bologna.

A sort of court jester of the artistic marathon, he invites urbanites, citizens to follow him using any mode of transport they wish over a distance of 5 to 15 kilometres. A videographer on roller-skates accompanies him and at the end of the race screens the video and initiates the discussion.

Watch the video here.