dyad / Justine_Doswell / Photo © Luca Truffarelli


18 – 30 MAY 2021

Join Dublin Dance Festival for 2 weeks of fresh, daring and courageous dance online. Dive into new performances from trail-blazing artists from around the world; immerse yourself in the creative process with dance documentaries; and move and connect with family, friends and community at workshops and interactive events.

Here we are presenting some of the works that will be available to watch worldwide.

The Love Behind My Eyes | Ali Chahrour

An exploration of the many myths and stories of forbidden love based on Arabic heritage.Intricate feelings are exposed through movement, bringing to light the story of Mohamed Bin Daoud and his all-consuming love for Mohamed Bin Jamea; a love that could not be condoned within their religiously complex environment. Similar stories from Arabic history, many of which remain untold, as well as contemporary examples provide the inspiration for this work. 

Throughout the performance, we see experiences of love and passion reflected through the body and its movement. We explore the connection and similarity across diverse societies found in these stories of forbidden love – punctuated by social norms, political constructs and religious doctrines.

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© Pôle Seif

Dyad | Justine Doswell

An evocative duet filmed in the magnificent surroundings of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin. A meditation on archetype and architecture, this evocative work reflects on the qualities of a woman whose faith and body served as a connection between the human and the divine: Mary / Maryam.

A woman chosen among all women, revered in both Christianity and Islam. A link across time, culture and creed. Explored through the liquid virtuoso of dance artists Salma Ataya and Justine Cooper, dyad delves into the complex nature of interconnection, twinned concepts and shared ideals.  Exquisitely captured on film by Luca Truffarelli, the performances unite with Andrew Clancy’s sculptural design, Paul Keogan’s chiaroscuro lighting, and Mary Barnecutt’s evocative cello to foreground the universality of the body as a sacred vessel and an extraordinary construction. 

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Silver Veiled | Ginevra Panzetti & Enrico Ticconi

A new video work exploring the symbolic power of the flag.

Silver Veiled is a new video work by up-and-coming artistic duo Ginevra Panzetti and Enrico Ticconi, which has evolved from their research exploring the symbolic power of the flag and its choreographic purpose in the folk tradition of flag waving. Created in dialogue with the architecture, the use of the flag is central to the structure of the work. A series of unveilings unfold, evoking the close and ancient brotherhood between two textile objects; flag and shroud. 

The drapes are presented in a silvery grey, cleaned of symbols and coats of arms until they expose their plastic, invented essence. A blank canvas without connotations where anything can emerge, begin or disappear. 

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Silver Veiled by Genevra Panzetti and Enrico Ticconi © Ettore Spezza [Video Still]



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DUBLIN DANCE FESTIVAL is one of the co-founders of BIG PULSE DANCE ALLIANCE – a network of 12 European dance festivals/institutions brought together by their common aim of developing and strengthening the contemporary dance sector.

Led by Tanz im August/HAU Hebbel am Ufer (Germany), the network partners Dance Umbrella (UK), Dublin Dance Festival (Ireland), Julidans (Netherlands), New Baltic Dance (Lithuania), ONE Dance Week (Bulgaria), Torinodanza Festival (Italy), Zodiak – Center for New Dance (Finland), Sismògraf Dance Festival (Spain), International Dance Festival TANEC PRAHA (Czech Republic), CODA Oslo International Dance Festival (Norway) and Danscentrum (Sweden) will collaborate in producing new work, scouting for talent and fostering leadership in dance.

Additional information about the alliance can be found here :

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