14 October, 17:30 – 18:30 


House of Culture Boris Hristov, Plovdiv


The more you look at it, the more you doubt about it. What is contemporary dance really? The three performers in FOCUS LITHUANIA: CONTEMPORARY? focus ironically on the processes of dance making, the guild and the contemporary stage in their home country Lithuania. From the first choreography intention to minor consume details, we will see what usually stays behind the curtain. Rehearsal room routine, cliché movements, boring conversations, funny dialogs… all on target, all presented with a great sense of humor. For that irony is an art itself. It just needs to be spotted.

What does a piece consist of? Which objects are necessary? Does audience understand the meaning? Do we need to explain it to the audience? The best answer could be given by dancers themselves. Not by talking, but by acting. Not by demonstrating dance techniques and skills, but by making fun out of it.

CONTEMPORARY? is part of FOCUS LITHUANIA of the ONE DANCE WEEK festival – a program of 3 contemporary dance pieces from Lithuania, curated by Gintarė Masteikaitė from Lietuvos šokio informacijos centras. The other shows are GODOS by Šokio Teatras Aura (October 12) and GAME OVER by LOW AIR Vilnius city dance theater (October 13)


Golden Stage Cross – Performing Arts Phenomenon of the year – Lithuania, 2013


This performance is recommended for people who fear or just do not like contemporary dances. Or even more for those who are admirers of this type of dances. I do not recommend it for people without a sense of humor and for those who do not understand irony. – Goda Dapšytė

In this performance you will not find very consequential narrative or brilliant directional decisions. But maybe this is what attracts audience with its “earthly” and “humanity”. Besides, the smiles of the performers are operating really well. – Ugnė Kačkauskaitė | Menų faktūra

The good performance of parody has to have 4 elements: make the audience laugh, surprise them with the plot, the parody has to be better and to show higher quality than the original, the parody cannot become a mockery or exposing publicistic. CONTEMPORARY? matches all these criteria – Ernestas Parulskis, kauno.diena.lt

Agne Ramanauskaitė

She is a dancer, actor, and teacher who recently and very successfully turned into choreographer as well. In 2009, Agnė received her professional degree at The Lithuanian Theatre and Music Academy. Since then, she has been participating in various dance training and still improving her professional skills in different workshops.

Mantas Stabačinskas

As one of the most famous Lithuanian dancers, teacher and choreographer Mantas Stabačinskas has started his professional career 16 years ago. He created over 30 roles and collaborated with many different choreographers from all over the world. For eleven years Mantas has been a part of Aura Dance Theater (Lithuania) and now he is a freelance dancer, teacher, and choreographer.

Paulius Tamolė

Well known Lithuanian theater and television actor, Paulius Tamolė is a dancer who recently debuted as a choreographer as well. He has created over 10 roles in different stages and collaborated with the well-known theater directors such as Jonas Vaitkus, Oskaras Korsunovas, Jana Ross and etc. Paulius began his professional acting career at the National Drama Theater (Lithuania) in 2005. Three years later, Paulius has been nominated for the theater award as the Best Young Artists of the year.

Together with his longtime stage partners Mantas, and Agnė he participated in the program for young artists – “Open Stage’13”, hosted by Arts Printing House and presented the ironic contemporary dance performance “Contemporary?”. Recently the piece has been presented in over 10 European countries as well as in China.

The first visited country with the tour was Estonia. There the audience was really interesting. When we performed, they looked at us without emotions, however after the performance they came to us and wanted to talk and interact. The same happened in Berlin – half of the audience stayed to communicate with us. It was really unexpected but pleasant! – P. Tamolė

Duration: 60 minutes

Idea, choreography and performance: Stage Strangers: Agnė Ramanauskaitė, Mantas Stabačinskas, Paulius Tamolė

Dramaturgy: Sigita Ivaškaitė

Light design: Povilas Laurinaitis

Images by Matvejevas, Ā.