HORSE (Taiwan)

A solo dance for unconventional spaces, FreeSteps–NiNi refers to neither goals, concepts and allusions, nor detailed arrangement. The performer sets dance free from fixed imagination, expectations and assumptions. All of the elements around, including the temperature, lighting and landscape at that time, as well as the spectators become materials for the creation. It is simply a struggle between dancing steps and physical bodies.


„The creativity that sparked throughout the performance made this physical game all the more intriguing.” – Min Sheng Daily 


A graduate of the Dance Department at the National Taiwan University of Arts, Fang Yu-ting joined Cloud Gate soon after her graduation and participated in such productions as Portrait Of The Families, How Can I Live on Without You and Nine Songs. Since 2015, she has worked with HORSE as a dancer and rehearsal director, and is currently one of the main dancers in the productions of Su Wei-chia’s FreeSteps series.

In 2017, she took part in Retime choreographed and directed by Chou Shu-yi, the opening program for the the reopening of the National Theater in celebration of its 30th anniversary, as well as in Cjen Wu-kang’s One Dance, One Dances, One Danced in the NTCH Innovation Series of Dance. In the same year, she also joined the production of The Time Between Two Mistakes by Belgium’s Needcompany in the Taiwan International Festival of Arts. She has acted as an instructor in workshops of the NTCH Outreach program to promote modern dance in recent years and was a movement instructor for the filming of the NELKEN-Line project of the Pina Bausch Foundation in 2018.


SU Wei-Chia was born in Kaohsiung. He graduated from the National Academy of Arts and was inspired by Prof. Su-Fen Wu during his studies. He is the co-founder of HORSE and has created, co-created and performed in M_dans, Stairs, Velocity, Bones, Growing Up, M Dans 2010, I, Successor I, II, III, 2 Men, 3 Men on a HORSE, and Playdead. Accepting an invitation from Eliot Feld, the distinguished American choreographer, Wei-Chia was a part of Feld’s troupe from 2009 to 2013. Wei-Chia began his choreographic work on the FreeSteps series in the last part of 2013. Work on this series is still ongoing. It takes time, in many cases a long relationship between Wei-Chia and the dancer, to shape, to massage, and to sculpture the movements and physicality.


The logo of HORSE is a Chinese character made of three horses, indicating strong motivation and explosive energy. Founded in December 2004, HORSE has established a distinctive profile with delicate physical movements and unrestricted creativities. The group’s unique and collaborative style brings the current generation beyond the standard frame of stage performances.

The artistic policy of HORSE is to provide a platform for the creative expression of Taiwan’s dance artists. By regularly staging works of Taiwanese choreographers, as well as commissioning international artists to stage pieces for the company, HORSE aims to create a fertile ground for mutual stimulation and to establish a repertoire of changeable, multi-faceted and diverse styles.

Choreography: Su Wei-Chia
Performer: Fang Yu-ting
Sound design: Yannick Dauby

With the support of the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan.