Luna Cenere (Italy)

Nudity strips the body of expectations, functions, and meanings. The body becomes a screen for moods, memories, and illusions. The flesh loses its corporeality, the shape and form we are used to seeing. A soul leaves footsteps onstage.

Italian choreographer Luna Cenere reveals the ‘inner self’, or ‘kokoro’, as the Japanese say. The expression embraces both ‘mind’ and ‘heart’; it provided inspiration for Cenere through The Invisible Actor, a book by Yoshi Oida and Lorna Marshall.

Cenere’s solo performance is a challenge to prejudice and collective delusions. Using a unique dance vocabulary, she demonstrates the disconnect between reality and the perceptions aiming to capture it. In today’s world, nothing is entirely ‘good’ or ‘bad’, ‘beautiful’ or ‘ugly’. The human body is the perfect example and will be revealed as something very different under the spotlight.


Best Choreography – SOLOCOREOGRAFICO Dance Show Case, 2017


„The human body is so familiar to us – our own, and others – it seems impossible that Italian dancer and choreographer Luna Cenere could show us something we don’t already know. And yet she does, over and over again.“.  Kelly Apter – Aerowaves –Springback


Luna Cenere is a dancer and young author from Naples. In 2011 she graduated from SEAD (Austria), and participated as a guest member to the creations of the company ‘SEAD Bodhi Project’ made by Anton Lacky (Anton Lacky Company) and Josef Frucek (Rootlessroot). In 2014, Cenere worked with Simone Forti and Anton Lacky, and in 2016 became a member of the Agitart Company (Spain) and the Virgilio Sieni Company (Italy).

Her solo KOKORO was selected by  ‘Aerowaves Twenty18’ and won the Price for Best Choreography by the Solocoreografico 2017. Cenere’s next production, TWIN, premiered at the FOG / Triennale Festival in Milan. Her most recent work, PNEUMATIKA, premiered in late 2018 at T.A.N. in Naples.

Certified teacher form SEAD, Luna conducts workshops of movement research and improvisation. She shares her time between Italy and Belgium.

For viewers aged 18 and above.

Duration: 30 minutes
Choreography and concept: Luna Cenere
Music: Gerard Valverde
Light design: Gaetano Battista
Production: Körper Compagnia
Support to the production: Virgilio Sieni/ National Canter of Production