Onassis Stegi as the shelter of Greek dance makers (or what a bliss to have such amazing residents)

photo: Stelios Tzetzias

On September 28, as part of the parallel program of FOCUS GREECE, we have the pleasure to host an online lecture by Iliana Dimadi (Head of Dramaturgy, Onassis Stegi). We will learn more about the activities of the Foundation and why its active support is the key to modernizing the dance sector in Greece.


Iliana Dimadi, Head of Dramaturgy, Onassis Stegi


Stegi in Greek means shelter, rooftop, home. As just its name pledges, since its inception in Athens in 2010, Onassis Stegi has been a shelter to the most interesting, emerging and by now internationally acclaimed dance makers of the Greek scene. 

From Dimitris Papaioannou to RootlessRoot and from Euripides Laskaridis to Katerina Andreou and further beyond. With more than 10 new productions per season. With the commission to provide support from the first phase of dramaturgical research and development to that of producing and co-producing new creations. From networking and touring abroad to following up on the artists’ career in a long-term basis and in a hyper-local and globally interconnected manner. 

The thing is that, thanks to the artists, Stegi turned out to be a spaceship, skyrocketing them to international acclaim: among the most distinguished creators of a hybrid dance-performance aesthetics flirting with the archetypical, the grotesque and the ritual, liberated from notions of “pop” versus “high art”.

This lecture aims to unfold the story of a cultural center and its symbiotic bond with an amazing community of Greek dance and performance makers; to focus on a decade of deepening recession and multi-crisis but also of an unprecedented professional, creative and inventive boom; last but not least, to speculate on what is there to come and to be done.

liana Dimadi © Pavlos Fysakis


One of the most notable events in the performing arts scene today is the unexpected boom of the Greek contemporary dance scene. Boosted by Dimitris Papaioannou, this presence is fostered by his genius. Although he started his career in the 1980s, he established his international exposure only in 2012 with the performance PRIMAL MATTER.

Papaioannou’s remarkable contribution to the Greek scene is also his mentorship to a next generation of performing artists in the country. The exceptionally talented Euripides Laskaridis and Christos Papadopoulos, former collaborators of Papaioannou, are nowadays part of the programs of the most influential festivals and theatres in the world.

In order to spotlight this inspiring success, ONE DANCE WEEK 2021 presents exponents of the Greek contemporary dance scene in FOCUS GREECE. The program includes a series of lectures, films, workshops, screenings of performances, so that we recreate the context of the origination of this unprecedented Balkan artistic phenomenon.

In the ONE DANCE WEEK 2021 general program, we have included the performances TRANSVERSE ORIENTATION by Dimitris Papaioannou, LARSEN C by Christos Papadopoulos, ZEPPELIN BEND by Katerina Andreou and VANISHING POINT by Alexandros Vardaxoglou & Dafin Antoniadou.

See full programme here.

Ιoanna Paraskevopoulou, All she likes is popping bubble wrap ©Andreas Simopoulos

The parallel program of FOCUS GREECE is implemented with the support of National Culture Fund.

FOCUS GREECE is realized with the support of ONASSIS STEGI.