12-14 FEBRUARY 2021


Duration: 66 minutes

Language: English with Greek subtitles


Watch online here on February 12, 13 & 14. 

Code: amorphy.org


The documentary RESPONSES, part of FOCUS GREECE, presents contemporary Greek choreographers whose work has come into discourse with the socio-political situation in the country in the past years. 

How does the situation affect their creative process? What is its impact on their thematic content and collaborations? Have they explored areas they would not otherwise study? The documentary RESPONSES, which will be broadcasted as a continuation of the lecture of Steriani Tsintziloni, presents iconic works by 15 of the most interesting representatives of the contemporary Greek dance scene, including Dimitris Papaioannou and Euripidis Lascaridis. 

Note by Penelope Iliaskou, artistic curator at DDRC Athens:

“In December 2015 Athens and Duncan Dance Research Center was for the first time the host and meeting point of the artistic directors and curators of EDN, the European Dance House Network.

Hosting, ‘xenia’ in ancient Greek, implies generosity, sincerity and reciprocal relationship between guest and host. For us, working in DDRC, this meeting was an exciting opportunity for presenting our city, our dance community and its work in the context of these values. I felt that any attempt of conceiving a form of platform or mini festival would be a fake offer to our guests in regard with the actual situation in Greece.

So, together with a group of artists and thinkers from our community, we conceived, co-designed and co-curated a plan of events that, far from focusing on ‘products’, would mainly reveal procedures and dynamics, detecting, recognizing and depicting the end of an era and the need of researching new materials, new formats of performativity, collaborations and presentation.

This ‘map’ of contemporary dance in Greece amid the crisis, has been drawn as a series of events of a fragmentary and discontinuous nature which characterizes our artistic community but our city and our country, as well as its architecture and its current social and political reality. While allowing the EDN partners to “slide” into the city, the country, the actual dance landscape in a fresh and clear way, it raised, at the same time, a number of questions regarding the present and the future of dance and highlighted the issues of relevance for dance.

Among these events, the video screening ‘Positions’, presents choreographers whose work was in discourse with the socio-political condition of the last years. How this situation has affected their thinking and work, their thematic content and their collaborations? Have they delved into areas that they wouldn’t have visited otherwise? ‘

Far from focusing on final ‘products’, this video mainly reveals procedures and dynamics, detecting and depicting multiple artistic voices in research of new materials, new ways of performativity, collaborations and presentation.

Today, at the end of 2020, this video, besides consisting an archival material, it addresses questions and reveals contexts which risk, I am afraid, of being still relevant.”

Artists presented: Tzeni Argyriou, Ermira Goro, Maria Gorgia, Zoi Dimitriou, Lenio Kaklea, Giota Kallimani, Iris Karayan, Euripides Laskaridis, Medie Mega, Mariela Nestora, Dimitris

Papaioannou, Ioanna Portolou, Kostas Tsioukas.

Think tank and curatorial team : Tzeni Argyriou, Penelope Iliaskou, Euripides Laskaridis, Alexandros Mistriotis, Mariela Nestora, Betina Panagiotara , Steriani Tsintziloni

Video-Photos: Vassilis Xenias



FOCUS GREECE and the presentation of RESPONSES is realized with the support of ONASSIS STEGI, Athens. 

The parallel program of FOCUS GREECE is implemented with the support of the National Culture Fund. 

The screening of RESPONSES is made possible with the support of Duncan Dance Research Center.