MARTIN TALAGA (The Czech Republic)

Body landscapes. Breathing flesh and imitation. Choreographer Martin Talaga uses parts of a mannequin in order to shed light on the imperfections of the human body, contrasting it with seemingly perfect and proportionate pieces of plastic. In spite of its flawlessness, the mannequin remains cold, lifeless, soulless. It is meant to function as a memento mori to mankind prompting reflection on our tendency to worship physical perfection disregarding the beauty that lies within.

We have grown cold and indifferent. Unawares, we are becoming increasingly robot-like. We are slowly but surely losing what makes us human.

In this performance, the protagonist is the human body with all its beauty and ugliness, its possibilities and limitations. What is the human body capable of expressing? Is there anything beyond its powers?

Adam was created in God’s image, but was fated to meet physical death. He died, falling to pieces because of us.


  • Dance Production of the Year – Czech Dance Platform, 2018
  • Discovery in Dance Award – Czech Dance Platform, 2017
  • Dance Piece of the Year Award – Czech Dance Platform, 2017


“Awoken, disturbed bodies. No signs of humanity. They differ from one another only by specific gestures, twitching, jerky tics and motion paths. Due to technical precision, performers repeatedly manage to confuse the viewer. With moments of violent fits and waves, when the upper body is not traceable, only mirrored split torsos with crooked limbs left for the viewer to question.”

“The main strength of the performance is in the associative play with the viewer, in the hints, fleeting gestures and abstractions that stimulate the imagination…” – Ludvik Píza

“Once again, he (Martin Talaga) tries not to please, or in any way formally or purposefully, gratify the audience. Because of this his work feels sincere and pure… Refreshing , simple movement vocabulary, functional lighting, the space, the props, and the concept of the entire choreography – raw and new. All this leads us to an unexpected destination: “a movement installation” – Jan Kodet


Martin Talaga is a Prague-based artist, working as a dancer, choreographer and performance artist mainly in the field of physical theater and contemporary dance. Besides contemporary dance he is also interested in experimental and visual work and traditional folklore dances.

During his studies and professional career he has had a chance to cooperate with various choreographers, theater directors and companies, such as LATERNA MAGIKA – National Theatre (CZ), VerTeDance (CZ), Spitfire Company (CZ), Radim Vizváry (CZ), Csaba Molnár (HU), Matthew Rogers (US), Alexandra Karabelas (GE), Stefan Drehrer (GE), Mia Lawrence (GE, BE), SAJU HARI (UK), Jaro Viňarský (SK), Peter Šavel (BE/SK), Věra Ondrašíková (CZ) among others.

As a choreographer he has already produced several successful productions – Thirsts, SYNovial (collaboration with Marek Zelinka), BOI (collaboration with Matej Matejka), FAUNUS, SOMA – this choreography won two national dance awards. In addition to his own work, he has also choreographed for other theaters and companies, from small performances to big shows and musicals.


Choreography, visual: Martin Talaga
Performing: Radim Klásek, Anton Eliaš, Marek Menšík
Music: Myko
Light design: Karlos Šimek
Costume: Kateřina Jirmanová Soukupová
Production: Dominika Skálová
Photography: Petr Kurečka, Michal Hančovský

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