The star of the Italian dance scene Silvia Gribaudi is coming to ONE DANCE WEEK 2020 with her newest piece GRACES.

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A new performance by the great Dimitris Papaioannou opens ONE DANCE WEEK 2020

The world-famous choreographer returns to Plovdiv on 3 & 4 of September with one of the biggest productions in dance history.

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The biggest edition in the 12-year history of ONE DANCE WEEK has ended.



On October 18 in SKLAD two workshops will be held with polish the young artists Agata Siniarska and Aurora Lubos

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Involvement within a dance

FOCUS POLAND which is part of ONE DANCE WEEK 2019 meets the audience with young polish artists who turn dance into an appeal against the indifference. On October 19 will be seen the performances SECOND NATURE from Agata Siniarska and Karolina Grzywnowicz and the solo piece WELCOME from the independent artist Aurora Lubos.

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In search for Syria

The performance UNDER A LOW SKY by Syrian artist and director Wael will be presented for the first time in Bulgaria on September 27ht in the Black Box of the Drama Theater – Plovdiv. A journey into the past and the present through personal memories and documentary sources, UNDER A LOW SKY, mixes theater, dance, and video to revive the memory of Syria we used to know.

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The body as a beating heart

On the 3rd of October at the Boris Hristov House of Culture – Plovdiv will be shown the solo piece KOKORO of the Italian choreographer Luna Cenere.

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Free steps from Taiwan

The performance FreeSteps – Body Scenes and the solo with free entrance FreeSteps – NiNi by HORSE dance company will be shown on the 3rd and the 4th of October at the Main hall and in the foyer of the Boris Hristov House of Culture – Plovdiv. Both performances are included in Focus Taiwan and are part of ONE DANCE WEEK’s 2019 programme.

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Body landscapes

Czech choreographer Matrin Talaga will present SOMA on the 4th of October at the Boris Hristov House of Culture in Plovdiv. In this performance the main protagonist is the human body in all of its beauty and ugliness, possibilities and limitations. What the human body is capable of expressing and what are its limitations?

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A second date with L-E-V


L-E-V Company 

6.10.2019, “Boris Hristov” House of Culture – Plovdiv


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Additional date for KIND



21.09.2019, “Boris Hristov” House of Culture – Plovdiv

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CANADA: The new voices of dance

This October, audiences in Plovdiv will enjoy Canadian contemporary dance. Two performances, COSMIC LOVE and BYGONES, showcase a new generation of Canadian contemporary artists and their original approach towards transferring feelings and emotions through the power of choreographic language.

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Kaori Ito: A Father – Daughter Dance

Family. Absence. Silence. Distance. Authority. A father and a daughter are trying to connect once again, this time on the dance scene. In this emotional dance duet, inspired by the unspoken questions in a typical Japanese family, many can actually recognize themselves. The performance I DANCE BECAUSE I DO NOT TRUST WORDS by choreographer Kaori Ito and sculptor Hiroshi Ito, her father, will be presented for the first time in Bulgaria on September 28ht in the Black Box of the Drama Theater – Plovdiv.

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L-E-V has hearts wide open

Israeli company L-E-V (‘heart’ in Hebrew), one of the originals on the contemporary dance scene, joins ONE DANCE WEEK 2019. Their newest performance, CHAPTER 3, will be presented on October 5, 2019 at the Boris Hristov House of Culture in Plovdiv. Bulgarian audiences will have the opportunity to see the stunning performance a few days after its world premiere on September 26–29 in Germany, and well before it makes its debut at numerous international festivals and theaters. The New York Times writes that choreographer Sharon Eyal’s work has “hearts wide open”.

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Fortuna Dance

A modern classic comes from Hungary to Plovdiv on the 29th of September. Szeged Contemporary Dance Company brings new life to one of the most famous stage works and creates a stunning dance performance. CARMINA BURANA tells about our human conditions and The Fate.

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Circus for real

This not the circus of your memories. There’s no safety net. No ropes. No technical assistance. Nor tricks. This is is an extreme demonstration of strength and skills by seven acrobats who will fly over your heads. A SIMPLE SPACE by Gravity & Other Myths prooves that anything is possible.

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The body as MEDIUM

Rising Indonesian choreographer Rianto joins the programme of ONE DANCE WEEK 2019. Known for his impressive dance vocabulary merging contemporary and traditional techniques from Central Java, he will present his first solo show, MEDIUM, in Plovdiv.

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Professional Accreditation

The accreditation gives access to artists and cultural managers to at most 8 performances from the programme of ONE DANCE WEEK 2019.  

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